What is Bibliodrama?

Bibliodrama is an encounter between worlds: the inner worlds of Biblical characters and the inner worlds of ourselves. Bibliodrama is a deep experiential and expressive form of studying a text through role play. The participants are invited to engage their imagination and lend their voices to a Biblical character, filling gaps in the text and creating a unique and authentic Midrash. We explore the text and connect the wisdom of our hearts AND our heads, bringing the story to the "here and now" in the most spontaneous way. Through Bibliodrama we find our voice in the text and the text's voice in ourselves.

Bibliodrama draws some of its techniques from Psychodrama, a method of group therapy originated by J.L.Moreno (1941), in which group members explore, in action, the roles they play in their various relationships. This action-based role exploration helps participants gain insights into their beliefs and behavior patterns. Bibliodrama was created and developed by Dr. Peter Pitzele of NYC in the early 1980's, and is now recognized as a principal methodology in the field of contemporary Midrash.


Tamar Pelleg facilitates Bibliodrama workshops in different settings.
The workshops are tailored to individual needs ranging from a single session of 60 minutes to weekend or semester courses of study.

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