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Tamar Pelleg, M.A., C.P.

Tamar Pelleg is a certified practitioner in psychodrama by the American board of examiners in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy.

Tamar earned her Master degree in counseling education and her Bachelor degree in Hebrew literature from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She acquired a Master practitioner level in Neuro Linguistic Programming by the Retter School for NLP* in Israel and was trained to become a Maggid (Teacher of Sacred Texts) at Elat Chayyim* Spiritual Retreat Center CT.

Since 1994, in Israel, Tamar has designed and conducted workshops using literature and the Bible to promote self-awareness and personal growth, modeled on the Bibliotherapy method by Dr. Dvora Kubobi of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Participants were of varied backgrounds, including counselors, teachers, and highschool students and their parents.

While she lived in the United States 2003-2012, Tamar has taught Hebrew at George Washington University and The University of Maryland, studied psychodrama* and trained in Bibliodrama with Dr. Peter Pitzele* of New York. As of 2012 she is living back in Israel.

Tamar led Bibliodrama workshops for the following organizations:

• IAGP 8th International psychodrama conference, September 2019, Iseo, Italy

• GDOLA annual conference, May 2019 Hof-Dor, Israel

• ASGPP 77th annual conference, May 2019, New Hampshire, USA

• Private setting, March 2019, Tel Aviv, Israel

• Private setting, March, June, August 2019, Zichron Ya'akov, Israel

• Private setting, June, September, December 2018, Zichron-Ya'akov, Israel

• Temple Beth Ami, May 2017, Rockville, MD

• ASGPP 75th Annual conference, May 2017, Clearwater, FL

• Ve'ahavta congregation, March, April, June, 2017, Zichron-Ya'akov, Israel

• Art as Therapy 6th Annual conference, March 2016, Caesarea, Israel

• The 5th International sociodrama conference, October 2015, Koss, Greece

• The annual conference of the Israeli Psychodrama Institute, June 2015, Neve Shalom, Israel

• The 73th annual conference of ASGPP (American Association for group psychotherapy and psychodrama), April 2015, Philadelphia PA

• The International conference of International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama at BPI, August 2014, London

• Limmud conference, November 2013, Stockholm, Sweden

• BASIC conference (Bibliodrama as an inter-cultural dialog), October 2013, Koachli University, Turkey

• Bethesda Jewish Congregation, January 2012, Silver Spring, MD

• Saint Luke Institute, July 2011, Silver Spring, MD

• Maryland Atlantic Chapter of ASGPP, May 2011, Silver Spring, MD

• Ratner Museum for Bible, May 2011, Bethesda, MD

• Temple Beth Ami, Adult Education, March 2011, Rockville, MD

• Toronto Center for Psychodrama & Sociometry, March, 2011, Toronto

• Jewish Studies Center, November 2010, Washington DC

• Expressive Art Therapies Summit, November 2010, New York, NY

• The 68th annual conference of ASGPP, April 2010, Philadelphia, PA

• Valley Outreach Synagogue, Las Vegas, NV

• Wesley Methodist Church, Chevy Chase, MD

• Adas Israel Congregation Upper School, Washington DC

• Temple Beth Ami Upper School, Rockville, MD

• Am Kolel Chavura and Am Kolel Sanctuary Spiritual Retreat Center, Rockville, MD

• NHC Chesapeake Havura Retreat, Pearlstone, MD

• East Bank Havura, Baltimore, MD

• Panim, Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values (at Hillel Center at George Washington University)

• Elat Chayyim Jewish Retreat Center, Accord, NY (Co-facilitated with Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi)

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