These are a few of the possible workshops I offer:

Workshops based on the Bible:

After a close reading of the text, noting the “gaps” in the text (missing information), we raise questions about those gaps. Using spontaneity, creative role-play and journaling, we shed light on dark places, both within the text and ourselves. Workshop topics include:

•  Encounter with Genesis Through Bibliodrama

•  The Saga of Joseph

•  The Birth of Moses

•  From the Narrow Place to the Wide Place

•  Lessons from the Book of Ruth


Workshops based on literature:

Listening to the wisdom of our hearts, using spontaneity and creative role-playing, we let the text resonate within us and find our own voice in the text. Workshop topics include:

•  Encounter with Our Child – Both Inner and Actualoffered only in Hebrew for adults

•  Encounter with the Poetry of Israel

•  The Lost Princess: Encounter with Tales of Rabbi Nachman


Psychodrama based workshop:

•  Bibliodrama with a flavor of Psychodrama group



The workshops are built in a modular way and could be modified in accordance with your needs:

A one-time event (1 session of 60 minutes)
A weekend long event of 4 sessions
A cluster of sessions 6-8 (one session per week)



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