References and Testimonials 

“Tamar Pelleg skillfully brings her experience with groups, literature and Torah to her work, along with a commitment to participatory, interactive learning. She is accomplished and knowledgeable in Bibiliodrama, and has a passion to share it with others.”

Dr. Peter Pitzele

“I attended Tamar Pelleg's workshop on the Book of Ruth at an ASGPP conference in 2010 (in Philadelphia) and was deeply impressed with the process---moved, too! Her gentle approach to Bibliodrama illustrated well the principle of personal creativity and how different people bring their own story and interpretation.”

Adam Blatner, M.D., T.E.P.

“Bibliodrama, integrated with psychodrama, is a powerful medium for self exploration, healing, and growth.  By creating a safe space, expertly facilitating a diverse group, and reading and translating from the original Torah text in her native Hebrew, Tamar Pelleg deftly weaves the two together, creates a safe space, and opens avenues for healing in a community setting not possible in one-on-one psychotherapy.  I enthusiastically recommend it and look forward to continuing the process.” 

Rabbinic Pastor De Fischler Herman
Hospice Chaplain

“Searching for growth, enlightenment and personal transformation? Tamar’s passion for bibliodrama captivates all who are blessed to partake in her intelligent, colorful and compassionate workshops. She cares about establishing a safe setting where all people naturally connect with their personal life aspects and equally with all group members. I encourage you to step into this realm of authenticity and possibility."

Heather Guthrie-Hoey, M.S.
Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

“Tamar is a gifted teacher and has delighted our community many times with her engaging presentations and insights into Torah wisdom and human psychology.”

Rabbi David Shneyr
Am-Kolel Congregation, Maryland


“Tamar made the texts come alive for me! With knowledge, enthusiasm and mastery, she guided me through a psycho spiritual journey of deep exploration into biblical prose and modern poetry. Her work stirs my heart as well as my imagination!”

Gilah Rosner  PhD
Retreat manager, Am-Kolel Sanctuary Retreat Center



“Tamar Pelleg facilitates innovative learning through Bibliodrama, creating a safe environment for participants to get within the narrative of the biblical figures, and breathe interpretation and vitality to the parashah.  Our congregants enjoyed the interactive Torah study and gained important insights.”

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz
Valley Outreach Synagogue, Las Vegas

“Tamar Pelleg is a gifted teacher of Torah. Her insights into the text are also insights into the soul. With Tamar's guidance, the story of the heroes of our tradition becomes our stories We can see ourselves in the text.
Her unique style of Bibliodrama enlightens and empowers the listener so that we are listeners no more but are active participants in the ever unrolling Torah.”

Rabbi Elchanan 'Sunny' Schnitzer, Senior Rabbi and Hazzan, Bethesda Jewish Congregation


“BJC had a special treat this past Shabbat when Tamar Pelleg lead our Torah service. I had the great blessing of witnessing her the previous Shabbat at Am Kolel and then this past Shabbat at BJC. Her passion and the intonation in her voice make her Torah reading engaging and alive. In her Bibliodrama D’ver Torah Tamar develops a fascinating exploration of the imagination with “the recovery of Biblical stories and the wisdom they contain”. Thanks Tamar. Come back soon!”

Joan Clark-Schnizer


“Tamar Pelleg has a gift of wisdom, sensitivity and deep insight for engaging with text not only with the mind, but also from the heart, in an inspiring and safe environment. As a psychologist and participant I was impressed by how skillfully she guides people into a cleared illumination of their own life’s journey through an experimental immersion into text based Bibliodrama.”

Abby Rosen, PhD.


“In a vivid and creative way, Tamar led us to an inner dialogue with the biblical figures and to deep insights and wisdom through the ancient saga of Joseph. Tamar, with highly professional skills, lots of humor and tons of experience, revealed to us a magic world and a great story, re-discovered with joy and playfulness.” 

Hagit Lifshitz
Director of Mifgash, Centre for Non Violent communication.

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