Psychodrama based workshop


Bibliodrama with a flavor of Psychodrama group

What is Psychodrama?
Psychodrama is a profound way to look at life (relationships, concerns, dreams, aspirations) through dramatic action-methods in a group setting. This process enables to reintegrate spontaneity that was blocked and promotes authenticity in relations with self and others. It allows you to learn things about yourself and the roles you play that will help you make a real difference in your life and lives of people around you.
This workshop will start with a text based bibliodrama as a warm-up. We will explore the unspoken words/feelings/thoughts of the biblical figures through our own filters, and then let the bibliodrama resonate with our own life stories and move to a personal psychodrama work with one participant, supported by the others as auxiliaries in his drama.

When & Where: Bethesda, MD (contact me for details)

The group is limited to 10 participants.

I am open to facilitate a group at your facility/congregation on another time schedule. Please contact me for information.


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